Q&A With Jason Santerre From Pickleball Island

From an empty warehouse to a perennial pickleball club, Pickleball Island is all alone at the top of the pickleball club space in the state of New York. Being the self-proclaimed “largest dedicated indoor pickleball facility in all of New York State”, they host 4 tournaments a year with nearly finished plans to further expand. In this article, Pickleball Island peels back the curtain on their success, and what to consider in order to properly host your next tournament. Jason Santerre is a partner in Pickleball Island and he shares some info about the club here.

Pickleball Club Mag : First off, tell me a little about how Pickleball Island came to be.

Jason Santerre:  Ken Knight owned a warehouse from a previous business and after learning pickleball decided to convert his warehouse into a three court pickleball facility. After being open for one year, Ken realized there was a need to grow. To accomplish his vision of what Pickleball Island needed to be, he brought in two partners, Dave Miller and Jason Santerre. Expanding to seven courts, Pickleball Island became one of the best indoor facilities around. Currently Pickleball Island is planning another 3 court expansion which should be finished by the end of October 2023. With a full pro shop, lockers, spacious spectator area, and 10 courts, Pickleball Island continues to meet the needs of players.

PCM: How long has Pickleball Island been around?

JS: Pickleball Island started business in 2016.

PCM: When did you host your first tournament?

JS: Our first tournament, Dilly Dilly, was hosed on November of 2018

Currently we run four tournaments a year.

PCM: What makes your club a great place to host tournaments?

JS: Our spacious spectator area on the first and second floor, well run and efficiency process, and the number of indoor dedicated courts. 

PCM: What advice would you give a growing pickleball club if they are eager to host tournaments?

JS: Do it right the first time, continue to invest as opportunity presents itself, and find amazing people to help.

PCM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

JS: We could not do it without our court managers. They make all of this possible. Each and every one of them is passionate about the game, extremely helpful to beginners, and our major assets to what Pickleball Island is today.


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