Q&A With Alyssa Morrison about PickleCon 2024

PickleCon has released more information about PickleCon 2024 that includes some exciting updates! The event space will feature 60+ vendors and over 100 pickleball courts. See image below for a court map. This convention will be highlighting what is driving the national passion for the sport. See the press release for more updates on PickleCon 2024. We also caught up with Alyssa Morrison, who is one of the coordinators putting on PickleCon 2024. Check out her answers below.

Pickleball Club Mag:  Your latest press release says the convention space will hold 60+ vendors. Do you have an idea of the breakdown of how many of what kind of vendors you hope to fill these spots?

Alyssa Morrison: Most of our vendors will be pickleball specific brands (paddles, apparel, technology, etc.)  What’s unique about us is that we’re not exclusive, so there are a lot of smaller brands that have gotten into the sport that people may not have heard of yet but will be able to see their products at our event.  There will be a few non-pickleball specific vendors as well, such as food, health/recovery, and facilities, including cities or sport/tourism.  We will also have a separate vendor row for different media outlets like radio stations, podcasts, etc. to capture onsite content and do live interviews.

PCM: Will there be opportunity for interactive experiences at the vendor booths? Such as trying out equipment right there on the PickleCon courts?

AM: Yes, we will have a couple full size courts inside the vendor village for participants to be able to try out a paddle or ball, etc. Vendors will also have complete control over their booth space so can they have different interactive experiences inside their booth to attract participants.

PCM: Will there be an opportunity for pickleball club owners with pro shops to connect with wholesale vendors during PickleCon? If so, could you tell me a little more about this?

AM: One of our goals with this event is to provide a platform for people in the sport to network with each other.  We want everyday players to meet new players from different regions or get connected with a club in their area, we want brands to connect with each other and potentially find common initiatives, we want clubs, facilities, and tournament providers to be able to connect with different brands for sponsorship or equipment needs.  There are a lot of disparate organizations and people in the sport; we want to bring everyone together.  This can be done through walking around to the different vendors or specific social/networking activities throughout the event.

PCM: How would pickleball club owners benefit from attending PickleCon?

AM: Club owners will be able to meet other club owners and hear best practices or what is working well/helping others, as well as learn about new technologies that may help them manage or grow their club.  This is a great opportunity and unique experience that they can share with their club members to attend as a group, where everyone can get something different out of it.  We are looking into different ideas to provide unique opportunities/access to the event for clubs.

PCM: Could you shed some light on what kind of panel discussions and education breakout sessions planned for PickleCon that will be of interest for pickleball club owners?

AM: Some panel discussions and educational breakout session ideas so far have included how to best manage a club, how to monetize pickleball, new technology in the sport, working with local park/recreation municipalities, along with different instructional sessions they could bring back to their members.

PCM: Will there be any specific features or programming during PickleCon targeted toward pickleball club owners?

AM: We are planning on having a Club Lounge for club members to connect and mingle.  Club owners will have the opportunity to set up a booth in the lounge to network with other owners and players.

PCM: How do you hope to connect pickleball club owners to industry resources through PickleCon?

AM: PickleCon is simply a platform that brings pickleball people and companies together.  Our goal is to allow all levels of players as well as any company to be a part of the event.  Our hope is that club owners will be able to connect with other clubs across the country, high-end existing brands as well as the new and upcoming brands, and programming material that will help them continue to provide for their members and grow their club.


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