How Chicken N Pickle Integrates Food Trucks

At a venue like Chicken N Pickle, food and pickleball go together like pickles and hot chicken. In addition to both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, you can find various yard games such as bocce and cornhole, as well as ping pong and other games on their properties. Further, each Chicken N Pickle location features a full-service restaurant serving high quality food and drinks for guests to enjoy alongside the other forms of entertainment. Chicken N Pickle certainly lives up to its claim to be a place where “food and fun spill onto the court.”

Chicken N Pickle’s restaurant philosophy is rooted in having fresh, quality ingredients that are both responsibly raised and ethically sourced. While they are known for their wood-fired rotisserie chicken, their menu is well-rounded and features items like burgers, seasonal salads, tater tots, and much more. Similar to their pickleball courts, the restaurants at Chicken N Pickle have indoor and outdoor seating to provide a variety of comfortable options for guests. 

Depending on the property’s spacing allowance, once a Chicken N Pickle location has been open for a little while, they will often begin bringing in food trucks for “special events or to sell items that [their] kitchen doesn’t make,” says Carrie Bartlow, Chicken N Pickle’s Director of Marketing. The presence of food trucks on site levels up the food experience at Chicken N Pickle and adds to the local flavor of each location.

Bartlow emphasizes that “certain markets enjoy items [their] kitchen doesn’t make.” For example, several times over the last year, the Kansas City location has hosted a food truck from Betty Rae’s ice cream, a local ice cream shop loved by many Kansas City residents. Further, the Texas locations may occasionally have paletas food trucks to expand on the dessert offerings at Chicken N Pickle.

In addition to giving a local flavoring to a franchise location, food trucks allow Chicken N Pickle restaurants, which typically operate on a standard menu, to attract a wider audience by offering food and drink items that are not on the menu. By doing so, Chicken N Pickle can reach a broader customer base, possibly even those who learn of Chicken N Pickle via the food truck establishment.

To promote an upcoming food truck, the Chicken N Pickle marketing team will post content about the food truck. Additionally, they send emails to their distribution list to let their audience know about an upcoming food truck. Lastly, they will often use in-store signage to market for food trucks that will be on-property.

Food trucks are a wildly beneficial supplement to the full-service restaurants at Chicken N Pickle locations as they make each visit to a Chicken N Pickle location a unique experience and create a fun atmosphere with new foods and drinks to enjoy with your pickleball.


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