Expand Your Reach and Get Medicare Eligibles in Your Club

Retirement can be an exciting new adventure for many seniors. They have worked their whole lives for this (literally). It is a time when they can start devoting more time to the things they may have been putting off – spending more time with loved ones, traveling the world, focusing on their health and learning new things, just to name a few.

With 54.1 million adults 65 or older in 2019, making up 16% of the American population,seniors are the fastest growing demographic. With age the risk of chronic conditions or diseases increases, but there are many things seniors can do to prevent them. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking, eating healthy and getting regular physical activity help reduce the likelihood of getting many of these chronic conditions.2

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things seniors can do for their health. Daily exercise can help improve brain health, help manage weight, strengthen bones and muscles in addition to helping prevent diseases. It is so important that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest seniors get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week. This could be as simple as one to two games of pickleball per day.

Seniors are hitting gyms and learning new things, like pickleball, in record numbers. While this sport has swept the nation among all demographics, seniors are especially flocking to the game. And it’s no wonder. This low-impact game is easy-to-learn and a great form of exercise for all levels.

According to the 2022 Sports & Fitness Industry report, more than half of core players, those who play eight or more times a year, are 55 or older and almost one-third are over 65.3 Many in this latter group may have a fitness benefit through their Medicare Advantage plan to help them get and stay active, including at many pickleball courts. Why not make your club one they can frequent?

What is Medicare?

We’ve all heard about Medicare in the news and whatnot, but most of us don’t know much about it. Simply put, Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people 65+ and some younger people with certain disabilities. Then there are different parts to Medicare to cover specific needs.4

Many people receive Medicare Parts A and B when they turn 65, but Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage, combines Parts A and B and is offered by private insurance companies, rather than the government. These companies offer their members additional perks, like vision, hearing, dental and even a fitness benefit. Such fitness benefits offer members access to clubs like yours, so they can work out and focus on their health during an important time in their lives.

How do these benefits work, you ask. What a great question! Private insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans partner with health and wellness companies to provide their members with locations where they can work out or play pickleball. 

What’s in it for you?

This age demographic is eager to stay active and independent longer. You could be part of their solution. Help your club connect with an existing member base of more than 18 million eligible members, many of whom are already interested in pickleball and looking for more opportunities to play.

And seniors don’t always work out or play during conventional times. They tend to visit locations when they aren’t typically as busy, making them a prime demographic to help fill your club.


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